Frequently Asked Questions

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 It is not recommended to hang the flag outside due to the finish being an indoor only product. If you are interested in hanging outdoors just send us a message and we can apply a special outdoor finish to the front and back of the flag.  

Perform maintenance monthly or as board
loses it's shine.


1. Wash with water (soap if desired) and let air dry thoroughly on edge so large faces of board are exposed.  

2. Apply board wax which is a blend of beeswax and mineral oil onto all sides of board and let sit for 15 minutes. Buff off excess wax. 


Don't place in dishwasher 

Don't soak board in water 

Don't use abrasive scrubbers 

Don't place in direct sunlight or over
direct heat.

All of our items are made to order and typically take 4-6 weeks to make plus shipping. During the holidays expect longer build times.  

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